Konftel is since 1988 a leading company within loudspeaker communication and audio technology. We develop and sell products and technology for telephone meetings based on cutting-edge expertise within acoustics and digital signal processing. Characteristic of our products is that all conference telephones contain the same high quality audio technology - OmniSound® - providing crystal clear sound.

Our products are sold under the Konftel brand throughout the world, but our largest market is found in Europe. Our head office is located in Umea, Sweden, with a local office in Chicago.

• OmniSound® - crystal clear sound
• Natural sound - in both directions (full Duplex)
• Portable unit - simple to connect and use
• Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription
• Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony
• Expandable with additional microphones
• Compatible with telephone features, e.g. three-way calling
• Connects wirelessly to unit equipment with Bluetooth® technology

• OmniSound® - crystal clear sound
• Natural sound - in both directions (full Duplex)
• A practical unit, simple to connect and use
• Cordless connection to GAP-compatible DECT systems
• Large, illuminated display
• Keypad
• User-friendly menu system
• Expansion microphones and remote control as optional

• A new generation of OmniSound® audio technology.
• USB connection for VoIP calls.
• The line mode makes it easy for you to combine and switch between connectivity technologies (analogue, USB, GSM).
• The conference guide makes it easy to set up multiparty calls.
• Record and listen to your meetings with an SD memory card.
• Large illuminated display
• Optional expansion microphones can be added for larger conference rooms.
• Optional wireless headset or PA system can be connected.
• Can be upgraded with smart features, making it future-proof.
• 2-year warranty 


In today's fast-paced world, it is more critical than ever for organizations to adapt quickly and communicate seamlessly both internally and externally. Whether negotiating complex business agreements or helping employee tiger teams to speed their decision making, what frequently separates winning organizations from the pack is their ability to deliver tools that maximize productivity.

With Polycom HDX solutions, connecting and collaborating visually with anyone across your organization is as easy as making a phone call. The Polycom HDX Series connects your people and enhances their collaboration. Whether you are holding a simple interview across campus or staging a large project team meeting with members dispersed across the globe, there are HDX solutions that fit the bill.
Polycom HDX Solutions deliver:

Flexible, cost-effective, high-definition communications from low bandwidths using standards-based H.264 High Profile technology
• Polycom UltimateHD technology: HD voice, HD video, and HD content for exceptional performance
• Natural whiteboarding collaboration with Polycom VisualBoard Technology that is embedded into many HDX systems
• Breakthrough voice locating technology with the optional EagleEye Director allows users to have a truly in-person experience in any size conference room
• Increased usability and simplicity, with the optional Polycom Touch Control giving users total control at their fingertips
• Patent-pending Polycom SmartPairing™ technology makes it simple to use your own tablet to start and manage video calls
• Polycom’s Packaged Solutions offer a single part number for the entire package for monitors, audio equipment and video system
• UltimateHD quality for up to 50% less bandwidth with H.264 High Profile support


technical overvier:

• HD video up to 1080p, Polycom HD Voice technology, and HD content sharing
• Quality protected by Polycom Lost Packet Recovery QoS technology, which helps ensure great quality even amid network issues
• StereoSurround audio in 22 kHz for superior clarity, with stereo separation that ensures you can hear everyone distinctly, even when multiple parties speak at the same time
• Industry-standard protocols that connect to millions of standards-based video systems in use today
• Flexible input/output options that ensure your cameras and peripherals connect without a hitch


HD Visual Communication Systems

Two years ago we introduced Sony's first IPELA™ High Definition Visual Communications System, the PCS-HG90. Now we are pleased to introduce the next generation IPELA High Definition Visual Communications System, the PCS-XG80. This groundbreaking, "industry first" system offers up to 1080i HD resolution at an affordable price point, enabling dynamic real-time collaboration with up to six participants.

As display and screen sizes become larger, so do the image sizes, which is why high definition videoconferencing systems are so critical. High definition images provide approximately four times more detail than standard definition images, delivering fine detail and true depth and dimension to the visual communication experience.

With Sony's legacy in HD innovation, it's only natural that we produce the definitive HD communications tool with life-like images and natural, stereo sound. The PCS-XG80 system is a robust, powerful system housed within a compact codec that performs ideally for business applications needing real-time communications at a higher level of HD performance. It's available as a package, or the codec may be purchased separately.

In addition to providing true 1080i HD performance, the PCS-XG80 system offers a number of exciting new features such as BrightFace™ technology, dual streaming from a video and a PC source, user-friendly setup, an optional electronic pen tablet (provided by a third party) for spontaneous data sharing, and SD compatibility – unique features that facilitate natural, effortless HD videoconferencing.

With the PCS-XG80 HD Visual Communications System, you now can attain "affordable HD" from the company that brought HD to the forefront. High definition. It's in our DNA.


• Up to 1080i, 1920 x 1080 pixels for stunning HD video. Also can be operated at 720p, 60 frames per second, to produce natural video for effective communication.
• ITU-T H.239 Support for sending both video and presentation data displayed on your PC to the other end.
• MCU capability using optional MCU software to communicate with up to five remote sites.
• BrightFace™ technology for use in poorly lit rooms, when using a projector or in rooms with poor backlighting conditions, for example.
• Radio Frequency Remote Commander® unit for no aim use. Great for rack mount installations.
• Supports traditional SD H.261, H.263 and H.264 codecs. Also supports ISDN (bridge between ISDN and IP in MCU mode). • Intuitive GUI: Translucent cascading menu enables you to see the video image anytime.
• MPEG-4 AAC stereo audio.
• H.239 Dual Stream function (requires optional software, PCSA-DSG80).
• Video Annotation for use on both sides with a third party pen tablet
• Dual Network Interface, switches between LAN and WAN without changing network cables.
• HD/SD compatibility, backwards compatible with all Sony SD videoconferencing systems as well as many of those or other manufacturers.
• Multi-Language Support (20 total).


• Easy Installation: Single cable connection to HDTV with HDMI I/F, and single cable connection to HD Camera unit, color coded back panel. Can also be rack mounted with optional rack mount kit.
• Small compact size for any room installation.
• Low cost, high features.