Jabra Headset

As the global No. 1 headset provider, we have 135 years of telecommunications excellence. In fact, we are continuously launching innovative solutions to the market. By integrating our former GN Netcom products in 2007 we will take this one step further; launching a whole range of cutting edge hands-free wireless connectivity devices for both communication and multimedia.

Jabra combines the best of technology and design to give you innovative tools with excellent sound quality, and great comfort.

Whether it' wireless talking when you're at work, or your favorite hits when you're not; we assure you high-performing pro ducts with a quality and design that will empower you to make more out of your life.


Jabra producer a wide range of stylish wireless headsets that give you the freedom you need for modern communication. with designs for every type of lifestyle, they're all built to wear whatever you're up to. whether walking, running, driving or out in town, we support and enable people to do what they want with their lives - to enjoy reaching their full potential.


Our latest line-up of headsets and accessories includes a range of bluetooth stereo headsets and enablers, as well as corded stereo headphones so you can really get the most out of your mobile music. Enjoy hight-quality stereo sound antime, anyplace, anywhere - without wires and even widt the added convenience of staying in touch via your mobile phone


Keeping up with the hectic pace of today's workplace means multi-tasking has become a necessary part of the working day. Jabra's range of hands-free and wireless solutions give you an extra helping hand - meaning you can manage tasks more efficiently while communicating at the same time.

IP Telephony

Take yourpick from a multitude of stereo and mono headsets - designed to get the most out of your PC audio experience. Ideal for voice and video chat, PC-based 1IP- telephony, interactive training, and even gaming or music - in fact for just about anything you might want to listen to from your PC.

Contact Centers

headset solutions which remain relevant over time. Durability to withstand the rigors of the thoughest contact center environments. Designed to ensure fit and comfort - and to protect hearing. A total expression of the conviction that better sound means better business.

Our Product

GN 1000 Lifter
Pro 900 Series
BIZ 2400 II
BIZ 2300
BIZ 1500