Gaharu Telecomn

PT Gaharu Sejahtera commenced business in 1999 as one of the licensed Public Internet Telephony Service Providers in Indonesia.

With the Gaharu VoIP solution businesses can utilize their current phone system and handsets so there is no need to purchase new phones or upgrade their PBX to make phone calls cutting monthly telephone costs up to 80% over traditional phone services.

In line with this, PT. Gaharu Sejahtera in co-operation with PT. TELKOM offers Hallo Phone service, a digital voice communication.

Digital voice communication designed for corporate use. With ANI features, our service allows users to make calls from their office without entering the PIN number. We also provide an option of PIN, which enables user to use the service from outside the office. The connection is charged on 6 seconds increments, minimum 30 seconds.