Welcome To Our Company

PT. Hadasah Utama focused along to our motto : "To give Efficiency Solutions to your business" by offering super discount rate for Long Distance (SLJJ) and International Calls (SLI).

PT. Hadasah Utama was established in February 2001 which is specialized in Business Tellecommunication Traffic. To support our business, PT. Hadasah Utama cooporated with PT. Gaharu Sejahtera, one of the biggest Subscriber Discount Telephone Provider in Indonesia, as an agent.

As today, PT. Hadasah Utama has given excellent service to various small, medium and big companies in Indonesia. To boarden and improve our service, PT. Hadasah Utama strengthen its business by conducting a merge with an IT & Tellecommunication Company in September 2004, and keep the new company as PT. Hadasah Utama.

This company was well know as an IT & Telecommunication specialized company since 1991 which has good reputaion of service to the customers. We strongly believed with new collaboration, PT. Hadasah Utama can give the best sollution to the customers needs.

We established for giving you best communication solution!