Full Range Audio Solutions for All Professionals

ADDASOUND is dedicated to delivering high-standard audio interactive devices for all walks of business. Our headsets are designed specifically for all working environments such as call center, office, finance, education, home, energy, etc., no matter where/how you work, ADDASOUND is always able to provide the best solution for you.

Epic 301 / 302

EPIC 301/302 headsets provide the customers with outstanding noise canceling and audio experience in contact centers, open offices and home offices where UC platforms are deployed. Busy light indication allows the customer to concentrate on the work more efficiently. Epic 302 has stereo sound which delivers richer audio quality, ideal for phone calls, music and other multimedia. With the arrival of EPIC 301/302, the customers could get a comfortable, durable and easy-to-use UC headset at an affordable price.

Epic 501 / 502

Professionals may want a stylish and multi-functional headset solution to connect multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets or PC for multitasking and collaboration. ADDASOUND EPIC 501/502 headsets are engineered for this demand. You can make calls or enjoy the music/multimedia from your PC, mobile phone or tablet via USB or 3.5mm jack connectivity. The elegant and ergonomics design of this headset offers you comfort for daily use. Busy light indication allows you to concentrate on the work without disturbance. Epic 502 has stereo sound for richer audio quality. Epic series headsets enable users to be hands-free for a more productive workday.

Epic 511 / 512

It is very hard to avoid service complaints and essential information disclosure during calls in an extremely noisy environment. With ADDASOUND’s EPIC 511/512, customers will have no such concerns. They are specifically engineered for those customers who have very high requirements of noise cancellation for better service and security, such as healthcare, banking, insurance or any other businesses where essential information is exchanged over the phone.

Crystal SR2731 / 2732

ADDASOUND Crystal SR2731/ SR2732 headsets are entry-level USB headsets for once and contact centers where unified communication platforms are deployed. Crystal SR2731/32 headsets provide crystal-clear conversation with superior noise-canceling technology, wideband audio and all-day comfort.  In addition, Crystal SR2732 delivers a stereo sound for richer audio quality.  

These user friendly and easy to manage models are a perfect balance between quality and cost for organizations who want professional noise canceling USB headsets at an affordable price for their UC platforms.

Crystal SR2831 / 2832

Nowadays, more and more headset users in contact centers and offices choose UC platforms for multi-tasking and collaboration.  ADDASOUND Crystal SR2831/32 headsets are engineered for this trend.  The SR2831/2832 performance excels on voice/video calls,  speech dictation, music or other audio tasks. The headsets come with a superior noise canceling microphone, stylish but robust design and wideband audio performance.  Crystal SR2832 has stereo sound for richer audio quality.  The headsets are easy to use and deploy for a variety of UC platforms.  If you are in a noisy UC environment and have to repeat dialogue again and again, it is time to choose a professional noise canceling headset like the Crystal SR2831/32 to improve call quality and increase productivity and efficiency.

Crystal 2731 / 2732

The agents in contact centers and offices who handle high call volumes deserve a reliable telephone headset to manage their daily work.  With a contemporary design, ADDASOUND Crystal 2731/ 2732 headsets are an ideal solution for cost-conscious organizations.  For a small investment, agents and customers can have a smooth and clear conversation without annoying background noise and repeat dialogue.  ADDASOUND headsets pass over 25 rigorous and intense tests before they are approved to launch to the market.  With their noise-canceling, comfort and durability, ADDASOUND headsets consistently outperform the competition and improve call quality while at the same time reduce headset cost.

Crystal 2831 / 2832

ADDASOUND is always dedicated to delivering headsets with superior sound quality and wearing comfort. When agents use ADDASOUND headsets, they are impressed by how the headsets help increase their work efficiency and improve their productivity. ADDASOUND Crystal 2831/2832 series headsets meet our high standards. They are exceptional among many other CC&O headsets with advanced noise cancellation technology, elegant but robust design, natural sound quality and great comfort.  This series is specially designed for high volume contact centers and offices working 24/7/365.  The agents who handle large call volumes on a daily basis will appreciate the comfortable, ergonomic design and superior sound quality.

Crystal 2871 / 2872

In order to meet the special demands of fast-growing contact centers and offices, ADDASOUND’s premium and innovative Crystal 2871/2872 have arrived. The headsets are specially designed for professional users in call centers and offices who would like to have the best hands-free device while experiencing superior noise-canceling, crystal clear voice transmission, all-day comfort and great durability. ADDASOUND will be an ideal choice and will deliver the best hands-free experience.

Phone Cable DN1001

QD (Quick Disconnect) to RJ9 direct connect the cable. (Generic)  

The cable is used to connect ADDASOUND QD series headset to headphones with RJ9 port.

USB Cable DN1010

The cable is used to connect ADDASOUND QD series headset to PC with USB port.

Key Features:
Plug-and-play for easy set-up
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X, etc.
Compatible with most softphones

Training Cable DN1009

“Y” style conferencing cable with QD (Quick Disconnect) connector