ASTERIX The 19" Rack Specialist were founded in 1997.

Today we had earned reputation as one of the most reliable sources in Indonesia, in terms of quality, price and lead time.
As one of the market leaders in the industry, we are comitted to serve our customers to to their greatest satisfactions.
For further information, please contact us, as we are now as close as a “click”.

Free Standing Rack Cabinet

Grilled top covers are standard for a good ventilation, and can accomodate roof fan – Removable side panels for easy access.
Top,back,and bottom(for raised floor) cable access.
Rack is supplied either in completely built up, or completely knocked down

Wall Mounting Cabinet

Cable access at the top and bottom panels.
To increase air flow ventilation rack can accomodate fan at the top pannel.

Free Standing Open Rack

For the conditions where quick access to the equipments is important.

Server Rack

Size are made upon request.
Server self at the ground level.
A height adjustable worksurface.
Slide out keyboard drawers.
Power outlet stripWire management duct in both
horizontal & vertical configuration

Flat Shelf
Flat Sliding Shelf
Closed Wire Managemen
Power Distribution
Cage Nut Set