Native IP Controller

FALCO has comprehensive range of access controllers offerings for Falco Web & Vault Enterprise, for your corporate security needs in small to large enterprises.

IP Door Access Controller

designed in a secure technology by utilized Falco proprietary protocol , at the same time, provides you a high speed transmission under Falco Patented card searching algorithm. All Falco controllers are in peer to peer communication environment. Therefore users will have the real time transaction all the time. Its wide capabilities make it suitable for even the largest, most complex building architectures and the most demanding security requirements.

IP Turnstile Access Controller

Receive alert message regarding security breaches on your security system, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tampering, as well as a map of the immediate vicinity of the alert highlighting the location(s) of the occurrences directly on your computer screen in real time as they occur. This helps you response time and assists you in organizing and implementing a response such as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene.

IP Car Park Access Controller

has been used widely to control the barrier gate. Basically, single barrier controller to control entry barrier and exit barrier simultaneously. Optional 2 barriers In & 2 Barrier Out(within 50m) also available with additional expander board. Anti-passback is a feature that you can use to control the use of cards been misused to enter 2 or more cars to the pre-allowed car parking bay. Anti-passback only allowed 1 time entry and 1 time exit before next entry is allowed. Higher level of integration of Global Anti-passback allowed more car park controller to communicate and determine the anti-passback gantry point that you like at anywhere.

Falco Web

is an Integrated Security Management Solution for medium to large organization offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusions detection and visitor management functionality. Individual application modules are available as standalone systems or can be deployed in any combination to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. It delivers important new features that streamline administration and maintenance, facilitate internationalization, enhance integration with other systems and incorporate new technologies to provide a total security solution for the customer. The integrated access control and alarm monitoring systems deliver maximum protection, simple operation and cost efficient. Any PC with a web browser and an internet connection can be used to control your access control system – anytime, from any place on the globe.

Vault Cloud Enterprise

Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods securely inside and threats outside has become a fundamental premise, solidifying the use of security systems such as Access Control. In a Globalized world such as today’s, our solutions allow multi-site companies to have the power to administrate their system from a single location, remotely, reducing operational costs and centralizing expertise. At the same time, Access Control offers total mobility, because it is a CLOUD platform allowing any computer or mobile device with a navigator to be connected to the system, through the internet. It is an open architecture solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Metadata, On-screen Display or Data Banks.

Face Recognition

AY-FT385T is the face recognition product with
high performance and high reliability, which depends
on the deep learning algorithm, also supports noncontact infrared temperature measurement (forehead),
as the measurement is stable and highly accurate.

Barrier Gate

MX series is a heavy-duty electro-mechanical barrier meant for control of vehicle traffic flow. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial car parks. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well
as indoor use.


– Housing : Made in metal sheet and painted with 20/IO, or in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 (option)
– Lid (optional) : stainless steel or
artificial stone (black/brown)